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Rabbits and Weddings

Monday, February 14th, 2011

With the chinese new year of the rabbit beginning on the 3rd of February we are starting to see some strange sights!  Rabbits at weddings in Hong Kong?  What next?  These photos are taken from Photoblog where you can read some more about them.

The Chinese New Year Of The Rabbit

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

With over a 6th of the world’s population, and around 1/2 a million in the UK celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit, rescues across the UK are bracing themselves for a surge in unwanted rabbits once the celebrations are over.

News wires Reuters, CNN, The Associated Press and others have already reported a brisk sale of rabbits in some parts, and although the coming of the Chinese New Year will be less marked here in the UK, there is no doubt that ‘rabbit fever’ will strike some who will become enchanted by the many images of cute and fluffy bunnies or their association with good fortune.

“Sadly it’s an inevitability”, reports rescue owner Helen Halliday. “Any time an animal is featured prominently in the media, people want them and simply go out and buy one without a thought for the long term consequences. Contrary to popular belief (and some comments in recent news reports), rabbits are not easy to care for; they require a great deal of attention, time and money.”

“We are beginning to see a significant rise in admissions following Christmas, and we’ll see the same after both the Chinese New Year and also Easter” Helen continues “They strain on rescues is overwhelming. Many rescues have waiting lists of rabbits needing to be admitted which is already greater than the capacity of the rescue! People need to realise that buying a live animal really is a big deal, and they should research it thoroughly before taking on the commitment.”

The Chinese New Year of The Rabbit coincides with the launch of the 2011 annual Make Mine Chocolate! Rabbit Sale Amnesty being held across the UK.

“The Make Mine Chocolate! campaign aims to put a stop to the impulse buying of rabbits” says campaign manager Lisa Whitty. “We encourage people to buy toy or chocolate rabbits instead, and we provide care information to potential new owners via retailers or the website so they can determine if rabbits really are the right pet for them before potentially making a very bad mistake.”

With around 35,000 rabbits passing through rescues annually and the RSPCA reporting rabbits are the most neglected pet in England, only time will tell if this really is the Year of the Rabbit.

If you are trying to decide if a rabbit is the right pet for you visit our Bunny Basics pages to find out what you need to know to help you make that decision.

Myxomatosis Strikes Melbourne Rabbits

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

In the UK we recommend that you remain aware of the risks of myxomatosis and make sure your rabbits are immunised against this terrible disease.  However, other countries don’t have the luxury of a quick and simple immunisation.

Myxomatosis was introduced to Australia in the 1950’s where millions of rabbits were living a happy life and multiplying quickly.  The disease was released to reduce the rabbit population and unfortunately today it continues to cause illness resulting in death in rabbits across the country.  This is currently being reported as a major threat in Melbourne where the high temperatures and increasing mosquito population are being blamed for the spread of the disease at epidemic proportions.

Shouldn’t Australian residents be getting their pet rabbits immunised against this disease?  Of course, the problem is that the Australian government has banned any vaccines.  It is believed by Australian authorities that as the vaccine contains a weak strain of the disease it may be released by mistake to the wild population allowing wild rabbits to develop immunity. 

What do you think?  Should the vaccine be available in Australia?  If your answer is YES you might like to visit Radical Rabbit to support their campaign by following this link and signing their petition:

To find out more about myxomatosis you can read our previous blog entry ‘Myxomatosis Your Rabbits Enemy:  and our bunny basics page on health:
Mobile UploadsRemember that bunnies are prey animals. Getting down on the floor with them is the best way to bond with your buns.
How do you tackle the weeds in your lawn when your rabbits play on it?
Mobile UploadsThis is Minstrel who has lost the use of her back legs, she is currently indoors as she needs regular cleaning and general stroking......she does have hay,water and dried food, its up the other end of the cage. She also has a name badge and information on the side of her cage (how organised is that! ) She was bonded to smarties and Elgar but with them being younger and mobile they kept knocking her over and she was having fits trying to get up, she has also just recovered from Fly Strike, I hadn't checked her close enough one day and a fly had laid its eggs in her scent gland.........within hours maggots had hatched. Was one of most horrific things I have seen and all because I missed checking every nook and cranny. The level of care needed when Fly Strike happens is intense to put it mildly. I learn't alot about Fly Strike very quickly and with a panicked phone call to the vets Minstrel is alive today. I always thought it affected other peoples unkempt buns.....oh how wrong. Please please if you have a disabled rabbit or one with incontinence or messy bum please be thorough and check, genitals, around the genitals, anywhere where its warm and moist.

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