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Mobile UploadsRemember that bunnies are prey animals. Getting down on the floor with them is the best way to bond with your buns.
How do you tackle the weeds in your lawn when your rabbits play on it?
Mobile UploadsThis is Minstrel who has lost the use of her back legs, she is currently indoors as she needs regular cleaning and general stroking......she does have hay,water and dried food, its up the other end of the cage. She also has a name badge and information on the side of her cage (how organised is that! ) She was bonded to smarties and Elgar but with them being younger and mobile they kept knocking her over and she was having fits trying to get up, she has also just recovered from Fly Strike, I hadn't checked her close enough one day and a fly had laid its eggs in her scent gland.........within hours maggots had hatched. Was one of most horrific things I have seen and all because I missed checking every nook and cranny. The level of care needed when Fly Strike happens is intense to put it mildly. I learn't alot about Fly Strike very quickly and with a panicked phone call to the vets Minstrel is alive today. I always thought it affected other peoples unkempt buns.....oh how wrong. Please please if you have a disabled rabbit or one with incontinence or messy bum please be thorough and check, genitals, around the genitals, anywhere where its warm and moist.

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